Homeland “Het Thuisland” was part of my graduation project. The book tells two stories,
The main story is the history and memories of my grandfather who was imprisoned by the Japanese army in the 2nd world war, after his father died on a attack on a boat with war prisoners.
The second story is an article on the dutch right wing politician Geert Wilders. In this beautiful article Lizzy van Leeuwen concludes that the extreme ideas of Geert Wilders are partly caused by the war history of his family and the feeling of being overlooked and unimportant.. The similarities between both histories are the starting point of the book; why did Geert Wilders radicalise?
The book concludes with the suggestion that there should be a cordon sanitaire for the political party of Geert Wilders. 

I Designed, wrote (partly), photographed, edited and printed the whole project. The bookbinding was done externally.